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Passionate. Personalized. Healing.


About DeAnna Castleberry

I began my massage practice in 1996 in Sacramento, California. As a child, my mother would guide me to work on specific areas of her body that were in pain. Perhaps it can be said that I started my practice in childhood.  

My desire to establish a successful bodywork practice drove me to continue my somatic education through the Upledger Institute for CranioSacral Therapy and Zero Balancing.

In 2016, my desire to expand my knowledge in the energetic realm moved me to discover Core Individuation of Your Sacred Anatomy, which is an entire energetic system of clearings, alignments, and procedures to bring harmony to our whole being. 

Recently, in 2018, Sound Healing Therapy. The true reason I am creating this website at this time. A VibroAcoustic Table combined with a far-infrared mat brings rhythm and pulse to convey resonance to our body and mind that affects our emotions and spirit.

My office and practice are in Sacramento. And, I work one day a week as a Physical Therapist Assistant (graduated 2005 from Sacramento City College) at Mahaan Rehab Services in Dixon, California.

Feel free to contact DeAnna with any questions by phone at (916) 838-2570 or by email at


You may share your life with others, but your journey is your own.
— DeAnna Castleberry